Company audit is an integral and possibly the most important part of trucking business. The future of the company directly depends on the result of the audit: whether it will be allowed to provide service as well as obtain insurance, and how much it will cost.
We have successfully passed more than 190 audits and have dozens of clients who are happy with our work. We understand how important it is for the company to pass the audit, so we always complete our work with the utmost care and quality.
Getting an audit request
When it's time to audit your company, you will receive an email with a list of documents needed for the audit to the email address indicated in your personal FMCSA account. One of the items on the audit list will be a Driver Monthly Report. It can be required for either one or for all company drivers.
Sending the necessary documents
To properly prepare for the audit, you'll need the accompanying documents for the requested period: BOLs, fuel receipts/fuel card transaction report.
Working with documents
After receiving all necessary documents, the department responsible for audit starts the process. This task takes 1 to 10 days to complete depending on the scope of work, so it is very important to follow the deadlines for submitting the documents.
Uploading the documents to FMCSA
When the work is done, we send the documents. You just have to attach all other items from the list and upload all information to the FMCSA website. All that's left is to wait for the verification of your company's documents and a letter about passing the audit!
All data is strictly confidential and is not passed on to third parties.